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Our Story

After 10+ years working at top international tax advisory firms, we at Clever believe that the best results are achieved if everyone operates in their strength. We feel that in current times, your ambition to grow to the top of the tax game can be combined with a healthy work-life balance, but to make that possible something had to change.

Our ambition is to find a more meaningful and more flexible way to provide our services, while continuing to do the challenging work that we like to do for our high-end clients. To make it more fair. Both for consultants and our clients.

Enter Clever. We have cherry-picked the good practices from traditional firms and put it in a model where everyone benefits. Turning the ‘pyramid-model’ into a ‘collaboration-model’, where everybody runs their own shop but with the backing of our community. Working together in equality so that consultants directly reap the benefits of their hard work and our clients always get the best person on the job.

Steven Vijverberg - Founder at Clever
Roeland Bavinck - Founder Clever

For consultants, taking the leap towards independence is a big step. Our biggest hurdles for taking this step were not only letting go of a steady pay-check, but also of possibilities to discuss issues with colleagues and the social elements that come with working in a team. Clever fills all those gaps and provides its members with a higher level of financial security. You can lead a more flexible and independent life, and have more satisfaction in your profession.

Clients get access to the best tax consultants and in-house specialists on a flexible basis and at significantly lower costs. You do not pay for crystal chandeliers and prime location offices. What you see is what you get. We offer no nonsense, top-notch quality from people who care, because it is their business as well. Let’s be Clever.

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